Up the Coquet

Coquet Valley near Alwinton

Wheelpit at old mill near Barrowburn

Duncan spent the afternoon up the Coquet valley in Northumberland visiting an archaeological excavation at an old mill site at Barrowburn.  The excavation has revealed much of interest and also much to puzzle those trying to make sense of the site.  The most obvious find has been a wonderfully shaped former water wheel pit to house an undershot (or breastshot) waterwheel of about 3-4m in diameter.  The surveyors at the dig will come up with all the detailed measurements in due course.  It’s an exciting find in the mill world – the traces of a 12th century water powered fulling mill.

Harebell on the road verges

The drive up the valley was a pleasant experience in itself with bright blue skies and haymaking going on at full speed on many of the remote farms.  Harebells and ladies’ bedstraw were amongst the plants providing colour along the road verges.


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The Hutt Family from Northumberland
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2 Responses to Up the Coquet

  1. Charles Rowntree says:

    Very interesting. The pit looks quite narrow so I would suspect a breast shot is more likely. I would think that they were using them in 12C as I have just got my mill back from a 1510 mention in a Kirkby will to 1290 due to a report in a Lancashire Justice Roll at Kew which tells of an axe murder in the millers house in Kirkby Ireleth. All exciting stuff.

  2. Duncan in his element? Lovely picture of the harebell.

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