High Cup Nick

The Eden Valley from near Dufton

A small barn in the landscape

It was a reasonable day for the end of October, unfortunately it’s only the end of August so it seemed to be windy and quite cold with an ever decreasing amount of brightness.  Nevertheless we embarked on our planned walk from Dufton up to High Cup Nick.

The walk up offered impressive views out to the Eden Valley and the hills of the Lake District in the distance.  As we climbed higher the cloud increased making the already austere Pennines look a little more gloomy.  High Cup Nick is an impressive valley surrounded by steep sides with a cliff of Whin Sill at the top, giving it an amphitheatre-like upper reach; the deep valley drops away with scree leading down to a meandering stream.  Wildlife was in relatively short supply in the chilly conditions but a peregrine swooped overhead and wheatears dropped off from rocks ahead of us flashing their white rumps as they flitted away.

High Cup Nick


Back in the Eden Valley were signs of autumn to make it feel even less like August.  Sloes were hanging from the roadside blackthorn and the first blackberries were ripe and ready for eating.  Some hay, however, was still being cut; hopeful of a fine few days to come.


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  1. viv blake says:

    Northern England at its beautiful best.

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