Down by the Pont

Floating weed on the River Pont

Common Darter (immature male) basks on an old wall

At last a sunny Sunday.  A walk down by the river Pont was rewarded by a number of common darters all competing for space along an old wall line.  The immature males were all hunting and basking in the warm sunshine while a wall brown butterfly, a member of the second brood of the year, shared their wall.  Small coppers were also feeding on the last remnants of flowering thistles.

Despite the butterflies and dragonflies it is clearly approaching autumn.  The first picking of blackberries was to be had though the hedges in the area are not an ideal spot for it.  The wheat had been cut but the straw remained and was proving an ideal bedding material for the local badgers who had left a trail of golden stems leading to the sett entrance.  Rosehips and haws dot the hedgerows with red while the local blackthorn are oddly devoid of sloes.


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The Hutt Family from Northumberland
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