First 750

The solar panels on our house roof have now generated over 750kWh of electricity in a little under 12 weeks.  It’s not quite as good as anticipated as it has been the gloomiest summer (officially) of recent times.  In fact it’s been such a gloomy summer that there have been only 4 days where we have recorded sufficient electricity generation to call it a decent sunny day.  Today was better than average despite the strong winds that we have contended with all day.  Now we just need to persuade our (for now) un-named electricity supplier to bother to respond to the application for the feed-in-tarriff payments, an application which they have had for at least 11 weeks.  We were warned that this was the hardest part of the whole process!


About thehutts

The Hutt Family from Northumberland
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One Response to First 750

  1. vivinfrance says:

    I could have guessed this has been the gloomiest summer. Congratulations on the score, and keep chasing those laggardly suppliers!

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