Amanitas on the Common

Fly agaric (Amanita muscaria) on Puttenham Common

We were heading home after a trip to France and called in for a wander around Puttenham Common.  The area is managed by Surrey Wildlife Trust and is an area of woodland, open grassland and some heath.  It was a fairly gloomy day giving a softness to the autumnal views over the yellowing trees.

False death cap (Amanita citrina)

The woods were generally quiet, jays occasionally broke the silence and there was a fleeting glimpse of a green woodpecker.  There may have been a lack of bird life but there were plenty of fungi to be seen.  Common earth-balls were scattered along the sides of the paths and a constant feature of the walk.  Other fungi, some to remain unknown and unidentified were also there but most striking were the fly agarics, bursting forth through the sandy soil, their red and white flecked cap the very definition of a toadstool.  A false death cap was also spotted, delicately emerging through a carpet of dead leaves.  It’s not recommended to be eaten but certainly not as deadly as its close relative and near name sake.


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