Boxing Day livestock shuffling

Moving sheep on Prestwick Carr

Boxing Day and it was time to check and move some of the livestock on Prestwick Carr fields.  All the sheep and ponies were present but all were as far away as possible from where they needed to go.  The young sheep refused their new field so we left them to sort the older sheep and Exmoor ponies.  The ponies were a bit lively but eventually went to the correct place, the older sheep, too, went with a bit of persuasion.  Finally it was back to the younger sheep – all except one were pushed into the fresh, green grass of the adjacent field but one made a break for it.  We needed a sheep dog – it would have saved some running.  We were not to be defeated and left with all animals in their new alloted places.

Mole hills on Prestwick Carr

The moles have been active, there were plenty of new mole hills, some considerably larger than the rest and much bigger than the average mound.  It must have something to do with the soft, wet ground.  There were few birds to be seen today, a swan over-flew the site and a great tit hopped around a tree, otherwise all was quiet.



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One Response to Boxing Day livestock shuffling

  1. vivinfrance says:

    At least you worked off any over-eating you may (or may not) have indulged in the day before!

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