Rothley Castle

Rothley Castle

Rothley Castle in silhouette

Rothley Castle sits on top of a rocky outcrop just to the north of the village of Scots Gap.  It’s only a short walk to the 1750s folly that was designed, as part of the Wallington Estate, by Daniel Garrett.  It’s not well visited, we were alone on the hill apart from a small group of climbers on the nearby crags.  The views to the east extend to the coast but today the inland vista was shortened by low cloud.  The ruins were repaired a few years ago but sadly the access steps to the top are closed off.

Swirling water at Rothley Mill ford

After our short walk around the castle area we had a wander down to the site of Rothley Mill.  There is little left of the old mill buildings but it’s a pleasant spot by the Hart Burn with the peaty water racing over the old stone ford.


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  1. vivinfrance says:

    Your weather looks about like ours: miserable. Have a happy Hogmanay – we’re all off to Le Moulin, to Kay and Sylvia’s party later.

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