Juliet’s Wood: hazel and more signs of spring

Female flower of hazel

Hazel catkins, the male flowers

Juliet’s Wood is a small woodland nature reserve at Slaley in Northumberland.  Duncan was there today introducing some Wildlife Trust volunteers to photography.  It turned out to be better than expected with sunshine filtering through the still leafless canopy to highlight the distinctive bark of the oak trees that dominate the site.


The catkins of the hazel trees were out on the few mature trees as well as on some of the more recently planted specimens.  However more subtle are the tiny female flowers that also pop out from the bud ends.  These tiny red flowers need no bright petals as their pollination is by wind not insects.  In contrast, the first primroses were much more showy with their pale yellow flowers; a true harbinger of spring.

Natural root sculpture

A few trees and branches have come down in the winter gales but it was a much older collapsed tree that was most striking; its root-plate now forms a wonderful natural sculpture.

Oak bark


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3 Responses to Juliet’s Wood: hazel and more signs of spring

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog! These pictures are beautiful, but I found the bloom of the hazel especially fascinating, sort of like a Christmas cactus when it blooms, or a “hen and chicks” plant when, once in a blue moon, it reveals its otherworldly blossom, like a dragon’s tongue. Thanks so much, Amy

    • thehutts says:

      It was actually Viv commenting on your blog logged in as us but thanks for your comment on our blog. The hazel flower is tiny, smaller than a finger nail. I love to see it at this time of year as it means spring is on its way. Sally

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