Oak before the Ash

Ash in flower on the shore of Ennerdale Water (c) Sally Hutt

Oak leaves bursting in Ennerdale
(c) Duncan Hutt

If the trees are to be believed then it’s going to be a dry summer; at least in Ennerdale in West Cumbria.  In the words of the old adage: ‘The oak before the ash and we shall have a splash, the ash before the oak and we shall have a soak’.  The ash may have had its flowers out on the lake edge but some of the oak in the old woodland on the north side of the valley was bursting into leaf.  How true the wild lore proves to be will become apparent through the coming summer!


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The Hutt Family from Northumberland
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5 Responses to Oak before the Ash

  1. vivinfrance says:

    If you take the adage literally, we get wet whatever happens!

  2. Jim Norman says:

    Thankfully Vivinfrance is correct we need some rain every summer. Opposite my study window we have ash and oak side by side. I have been watching since we moved here 21 years ago. I wish I had written the details down. Though not perfect the average seems to work in favour of the old saw. What is surprising is the amount of difference, from 2 weeks before to 2 weeks after either way.
    This year it has been a record just over 3 weeks with the Ash first. So if it comes true then we are in for real soak. Ash before the oak = soak. Though with the evidence of this year I wonder if it should be – ‘The Ash before the Oak, we’ve HAD a good soak!!’ Usually events in nature are the the result of the past – not the future.

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