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A long way from home

Yesterday’s newt survey revealed the first sighting, for Duncan, of an Alpine newt (Ichthyosaura alpestris).  These non-native creatures are found in much of central Europe from France to the Balkans.  They have been introduced, like many other species, to the … Continue reading

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A woodland carrion beetle

Yesterday at Broadoak Quarry there were a few examples of a distinctive insect to be seen.  This silky black beetle has an orange-brown plate like front part of the thorax, technically known as the pronotum.  It is a carrion or … Continue reading

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Dingy Skipper amongst the plants

Duncan was at Broadoak Quarry today with the Northumberland Natural History Society’s Wednesday Botany Group.  It was an opportunity to get a good survey of the site in terms of the plants that grow there.  We concentrated on the old … Continue reading

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Looking for Newts

Duncan was out doing newt survey work early this morning for EcoNorth, Northumberland Wildlife Trust’s consultancy.  The aim of such surveys are to determine whether the protected great crested newts are present, as these need special consideration as part of … Continue reading

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A Day in Hadrian’s Wall country

Yesterday Sally was lucky enough to enjoy a sunny day out collecting survey data for a farm survey in the centre of Hadrian’s Wall country.  The cuesta landscape of scarp and dip slopes in this area is amazing and it … Continue reading

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Blue Moor Grass

Grasses may not be the most obviously interesting plants but there are a few that catch your attention.  Blue moor grass (Sesleria caerulea) is a very rare plant in Northumberland, living in only a handful of sites.  At the Millburn … Continue reading

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Duncan’s annual visit to Holystone happened today.  The visit is to take a student group around the Holystone Burn nature reserve area and it is a great opportunity to get an idea of the progress of spring.  Despite a warm … Continue reading

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