A wild day on The Wou

The Wou (c) Duncan Hutt

The ridge overlooking The Wou (c) Duncan Hutt

Surveying in the snow

Surveying in the snow

It wasn’t the best of days to get out onto the remote, if wonderfully named, Wou.  The site is a peatland near the Cumbrian border and north of Hadrian’s Wall.  It’s a long drive to the nearest farm and a long and hard walk out onto the site itself across rough and semi-frozen ground.  We were out to compare the bog habitat on the grazed and ungrazed side of the fence, ideally this should be a job for late summer but it had to be done before Easter for various reasons: we didn’t really expect it to still be so cold and snowy.  Fortunately there was little snow lying when we arrived but we only just completed the survey before the snow showers, driven by a stong wind, started hiding all the plants we have come to look for.  The results showed that little had changed in the 2½years since our last visit and that, despite some concerns, grazing changes have had little effect on these fragile bog habitats.


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2 Responses to A wild day on The Wou

  1. viv blake says:

    Oh how sorry I feel for you out in that weather!

    • thehutts says:

      I feel a wimp for abandoning my FEP surveying on Monday now – should have gone last Thursday when it was just frosty as now my habitats have snow on them and it looks like it will stay that way over Easter! Sally

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