Checking sheep and flowers

Shetland sheep (c) Sally Hutt

Jess (c) Sally Hutt

Jess (c) Sally Hutt

We are in charge of the Flexigraze stock at Whittle Dene and Prestwick Carr over the Easter break.  Fortunately we also have Jess for her holidays.  It is a shame we don’t know how to work her but after a week she is slowly learning to respond to our commands.

Sally took Jess to Whittle Dene this morning to check the 11 Shetlands had stayed where they were put yesterday.  They have developed a habit of escaping over the last few weeks as the grass is greener over the fence!

Coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara) (c) Sally Hutt

Coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara) (c) Sally Hutt

To give Jess a good run away from the potential of meeting pregnant ewes (that these inexperienced handlers can not risk her meeting) I walked her all the way down the drainage channel.

Cowslip leaves (Primula veris) (c) Sally Hutt

Cowslip leaves (Primula veris) (c) Sally Hutt

I was impressed with the amount of work that had been achieved by a volunteer work party; the banks had been strimmed of the pesky brambles that are the bane of mine and the sheep’s lives.  They also ruin the beautiful Shetland fleeces for felting or hand carding and spinning.  The strimming had allowed a coltsfoot flower to poke its head out and I also spotted some primula leaves so I am hoping for cowslips soon.  The fixed quadrat posts for vegetation monitoring that I helped fix with my GPS last year have also been given red tops so they can be easily located.

Jess responded very well to my commands and was eyeing the sheep but I didn’t risk taking her too close as the sheep were right down by the road.

Newly painted post (c) Sally Hutt

Newly painted post (c) Sally Hutt


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2 Responses to Checking sheep and flowers

  1. viv blake says:

    Distinct hints of Spring there.

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