Hunting for Spring

I, Sally, am trying to finish off some habitat survey work to meet Natural England submission deadlines.  It hasn’t been easy so far this year with lots of snow covering everything.  Today I returned to an area I surveyed about a month ago to see if any more plants had appeared that would help me categorise it.  The lesser celandines were in flower but nothing else.  There are a few leaves starting to appear but many are still not easy to identify; even the grass is struggling.

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I couldn’t resist taking a few photographs of lichens on fence posts as well; though there was nothing of great excitement!


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The Hutt Family from Northumberland
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3 Responses to Hunting for Spring

  1. viv blake says:

    Some of those lichens are more beautiful than flowers

  2. All beautiful, but I especially liken the lichen. 😉

    • thehutts says:

      Thank you – I am currently struggling to identify a load of lichen and moss photos I took yesterday. They will appear on Facebook when I have got as far as I can with them so I can ask others for help! Sally

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