Berries and Butterflies


Shaftoe Crags (c) Duncan Hutt

Shaftoe Crags (c) Duncan Hutt

In the late August sunshine butterflies abounded.  Shaftoe Crags has the feel of wild open hill land but is set within lower fertile ground.  The views from the sandstone crags, with its patches of heather, are to Wallington, Belsay and Little Harle estates.  The butterflies included small tortoiseshell, red admiral, peacock, wall, various whites and the bright and dainty small copper.  The wall are in their second brood and seem to be doing a little better than in recent damp and cool years.  Small copper too are onto their second brood and orange adult butterflies were feeding on heather and clover, though the eggs will be laid on sorrels and docks.

Small copper (Lyceana phlaeas)  (c) Duncan Hutt

Small copper (Lyceana phlaeas) (c) Duncan Hutt

Rowan tree (c) Duncan Hutt

Rowan tree (c) Duncan Hutt

This year seems to be a very good one for fruit.  Blackberries show the promise of a good crop and rowan trees are hanging with ripening red berries.  Rowan trees are scattered around Shaftoe Crags and provided a splash of colour and will provide a valuable feeding place for birds over the coming weeks.

Rowan berries (c) Duncan Hutt

Rowan berries (c) Duncan Hutt


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