Out of the watering can

A toad leaves its watering can refuge (c) Duncan Hutt

A toad leaves its watering can refuge (c) Duncan Hutt

One toad (Bufo bufo) has had a lucky escape.  It was sitting in a few millimetres of water at the bottom of the watering can, a nice damp spot, and one with an occasional feed from a slug using it for a daytime refuge, but there was no way out.  Fortunately the recent dry spell has meant that a spot of watering was needed so the toad was discovered alive and well and released into the world.  It’s a commonly held belief that both frogs and toads live in ponds but after breeding they leave the water and go on the hunt for food in the wider world.  How many frogs, in particular, get transported back to ponds by well-meaning people worried that they are so far from water only for them to have to embark on the journey all over again?  Soon they will be looking for places to hibernate but for now the more slugs they eat the better.

Today saw another first for the garden, a speckled wood butterfly.  It seems to have been a good butterfly year and the species list for the garden has grown with ringlet and now speckled wood both seen for the first time this summer.


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