The west coast of Kenya

Pied kingfishers (c) Duncan Hutt

Pied kingfishers (c) Duncan Hutt

Large 'spurge' (Euphorbia) tree (c) Duncan Hutt

Large ‘spurge’ (Euphorbia) tree (c) Duncan Hutt

The huge expanse of Lake Victoria marks the western edge of Kenya.  Here the sun sets over the islands on the lake and the waves roll onto the narrow beaches.  The land around Mbita is arid with thorn and large cactus like trees on poor ground and the agriculture is a far cry from that found on the rich hill land we had passed through.  These spiny succulent trees are spurges (Euphorbias) and resemble the cacti found in arid parts of the Americas.

Hammerkop (c) Duncan Hutt

Hammerkop (c) Duncan Hutt

In contrast to the arid land the lake itself has abundant wildlife from the 11 pied kingfishers that sat on a boat mooring rope at Lake Victoria Safari Village to the osprey, fish eagle and kites that circled overhead.  On the lake shore a hammerkop, with its large neat crest, hunted for food alongside egrets while water thick-knee hung around quietly through the day.

Monitor lizard (c) Duncan Hutt

Monitor lizard (c) Duncan Hutt

Other wildlife included the monitor lizard that swam back and forth across the small bay for no obvious reason.  Hippos were said to visit but kept a low profile over the duration of our stay.

Sunset over Lake Victoria (c) Duncan Hutt

Sunset over Lake Victoria (c) Duncan Hutt



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  1. My favourite is the line of pied kingfishers.

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