Sitting not Hovering

Hoverfly, Helophilus pendulus (c) Duncan Hutt

Hoverfly, Helophilus pendulus (c) Duncan Hutt

For most hoverflies life is a deception; their main aim is to mimic something a little more scary like a bee or a wasp.  As their name suggests many tend to hover when in flight but this is not a way of identifying them.  There are plenty of different hoverflies to find and most do not have an English name; their patterning can be quite distinctive but in many cases microscopic details are needed to distinguish species.  One sitting by the garden pond the other day was a more distinctive, and common, species going by the name of Helophilus pendulus, a variety found throughout the UK.  Adult hoverflies are not long-lived, with an average adult lifespan of just 12 days.  As an adult they feed on nectar of flowers such as hogweed, knapweed and thistles, thus assisting with pollination.  So despite their appearance these flies are harmless even if they want you, and others, to think otherwise.


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