A gothic visitor

Gothic (Naenia typica)

Gothic (Naenia typica) (c) Duncan Hutt

A few days ago a fairly large moth found its way into the house one evening.  It was extracted and released again outside.  Today the same moth turned up again hiding in one of the garden wood stores.  Like most insects, moths are a tricky group to identify with quite a number of species looking very similar.

The Gothic (Naenia typica) is a fairly widespread moth, found throughout Great Britain, and the adults are seen from June to August.  It is a night flying moth but isn’t particularly attracted to light like many other species so may well be under recorded as most moth recording is done using light traps.  The caterpillars can be found from July to April and they continue to feed through mild winter weather.


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One Response to A gothic visitor

  1. A humming bird hawkmoth was on our valerian (near Whitby) today – hovering with extended proboscis. It may be with you by the weekend.

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