Odd visitor to the garden

Every so often something in the natural world makes you stop and look twice.  Sometimes it turns out to be something pretty normal, other times it turns out to be a little more unusual.  Today it was the turn of a ‘fly’ to make me stop and look.  It wasn’t a particularly large beastie but it was quite striking nonetheless.  It had the look of something that might bite or sting with features more similar to a wasp than a fly.  Indeed, careful observation showed that it had 4 wings not two, so that ruled it out being a true fly and made it more likely to fit in with the bees and wasps.

Honeysuckle sawfly (Zaraea fascinata)

Honeysuckle sawfly (Zaraea fascinata)

It was narrowed down to being a sawfly and eventually to being a honeysuckle sawfly (Zaraea fasciata); it was sitting by the path directly under a honeysuckle on which the larvae feed.  It appears to be a relatively uncommon species although it could be more a problem of poor recording – invertebrates (apart from butterflies and dragonflies) are generally poorly recorded as they are somewhat tricky to identify accurately!


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  1. Interesting. It resembles a bit the stalk-eyed fly that I put on my blog this morning: https://vivinfrance.wordpress.com/2015/06/27/courting-stalk-eyed-fly/ (dipsidae) I suppose lots of flies have their eyes on stalks?

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