A church by a castle by a viaduct


Edlingham Castle (c) Duncan Hutt

In over 20 years in Northumberland we had never managed to stop at and look around the church and castle at Edlingham.  The church has the oldest beginnings in the 11th century (or possibly earlier) while the castle dates from the 13th century.  The viaduct was part of the Alnwick to Cornhill railway line which opened in 1887 and closed in the early 1950s.

The castle is somewhat ruinous with an interestingly leaning section of wall tied in to the adjacent vertical section.  The tower itself was a mid 14th century addition to the already fortified house adding space and security.  The castle was abandoned in around 1600 and, as is normal in such cases, stone was stolen to help build other local properties.


Railway viaduct (c) Duncan Hutt

The church too was open – a small simple building with a solid tower which, like other local churches, could be defended from raiders.  The church is dedicated to St John the Baptist and there is little point repeating the history here which is covered well by ‘Northumberland Tales‘.

IMGP7046 Eglingham St John Church SML

St John the Baptist Church (c) Sally Hutt



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