Waiting for spring


Holystone woodland canopy (c) Duncan Hutt


Wood sorrel leaf (c) Duncan Hutt

It hasn’t been a cold winter but spring is still struggling to arrive.  In the oak woods at Holystone there are a few leaves emerging on the smaller trees like willow and an odd birch.  Primroses were in bloom along with an occasional violet but plants such as wood sorrel are only just pushing up a few tentative leaves.  The weather wasn’t promising much in the way of spring; the air was cold with sleet and snow showers and while the sun did shine it had limited warming effect.


Thuidium tamariscinum (c) Duncan Hutt


On the woodland floor the brown of last year’s oak leaves was mottled with the green of mosses such as Thuidium tamariscinum which picked out the shapes of stones and fallen branches.


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The Hutts from Northumberland
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One Response to Waiting for spring

  1. I think it’s all going to happen at once. Soon, I hope.

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