Common by name



Common blue (c) Duncan hutt


Common vetch (Vicia sativa) (c) Duncan Hutt

At last the cloud and drizzle lifted today and the sun came out providing enough warmth for a few butterflies and other insects to appear.  There was enough time too to get out from work meetings to have a look at a sunny bank on Druridge Bay.  Here the swathe of wildflowers provided a colourful pattern of mostly purples and yellows; in amongst them the diminutive common vetch (Vicia sativa) with some attendant ants hunting over the flowers and leaves.

Most butterflies must have struggled over the past few days to hide out of the way of the damp and cold but a large white was the first to appear as the sun warmed up the day.  Here too a common blue flitted into view, its wings not entirely uncurled indicating this to be a new emergence of the day.  Hopefully this was good timing but as the sea fret rolled back in off the North Sea it may have wished it had stayed in its chrysalis for a day or two more.


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