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Autumnal fungi

A weekend trip out to Colt Crag Reservoir wasn’t exactly rewarding from a weather perspective, showers were insistently blowing in from the coast.  Now that autumn has turned up the wildlife spotting has shifted too.  No more (or few more) … Continue reading

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Red Underwing

It may not have the striking colouration of a hawkmoth but at 4cm long the red underwing (Catocala nupta) is one of our larger moths.  A night flier it was resting quietly, on a warm and sunny day, on the … Continue reading

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A Channel island?

The Channel Islands sit off the Normandy Coast and form a group of islands administered as Jersey or Guernsey, with their strange statuses as Crown Dependencies of the UK.  Yet a few miles south of Jersey is a small archipelago … Continue reading

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A moment by the pond

The day wasn’t promising, a gray blanket of cloud was the best that the morning could offer with temperatures more akin to March than July.  As the cloud broke so the showers started, heavy drenching showers with the slightest glimmer … Continue reading

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On Eycott Hill

Eycott Hill isn’t one that comes immediately to mind when thinking Lake District fells, unless you are a geologist apparently.  This small volcanic outcrop is the centre on a newly opened Cumbria Wildlife Trust reserve, visited on the day it … Continue reading

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Common by name

  At last the cloud and drizzle lifted today and the sun came out providing enough warmth for a few butterflies and other insects to appear.  There was enough time too to get out from work meetings to have a … Continue reading

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Do look up

It’s an odd thing that most of us live our lives at eye level and below.  We may look down to the ground in front of our feet or at the distant horizon but rarely, unless prompted by the sound … Continue reading

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