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Rediscovering the Coast

For a year we have been climbing hills and in doing so have given little attention to the coast, and coast is something that Northumberland does well.  Yesterday was a day of sunshine and wind; a strong wind blowing offshore … Continue reading

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Out of the watering can

One toad (Bufo bufo) has had a lucky escape.  It was sitting in a few millimetres of water at the bottom of the watering can, a nice damp spot, and one with an occasional feed from a slug using it … Continue reading

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Frog Festivities

  They are a week or so later than they have been in recent years but they’re back in force: frogs, hundreds of them.  The pond outside the Northumberland Wildlife Trust office fills at this time of year with large … Continue reading

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A long way from home

Yesterday’s newt survey revealed the first sighting, for Duncan, of an Alpine newt (Ichthyosaura alpestris).  These non-native creatures are found in much of central Europe from France to the Balkans.  They have been introduced, like many other species, to the … Continue reading

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Looking for Newts

Duncan was out doing newt survey work early this morning for EcoNorth, Northumberland Wildlife Trust’s consultancy.  The aim of such surveys are to determine whether the protected great crested newts are present, as these need special consideration as part of … Continue reading

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