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Into the Valley of Fire

The Valley of Fire is a Nevada State Park next to Lake Mead National Recreation Area – designations galore.  It is another impressive desert area with fantastic rock formations, ancient petroglyphs and short trails into the red and white rocks. … Continue reading

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Bill Williams River National Wildlife Refuge

There are many different designations for Land in the USA. National Wildlife Refuges are smaller than National Parks but many of them are far bigger than most British nature reserves. The Bill Williams River NWR is a tributary of the … Continue reading

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Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park lies on the transition zone between the Mojave and Colorado deserts. The western half of the park is high, dry and, at night, cold. The eastern half drops down on to the even drier Pinto Basin. … Continue reading

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Building with straw

  The main trip on Saturday was to look at a house being built from straw, well, more accurately the walls are being infilled with straw around an octagonal timber frame structure.  The house has been designed and built by … Continue reading

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Mojave Desert

Crossing the Mojave desert is a rather different experience to driving in England.  The distances are huge and the towns small or non-existant.  It is possible to drive for ages without sight of a single house or even track leading … Continue reading

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Hoover Dam

We have made it to the USA (after a few flight problems) and spent our first day visiting the Hoover Dam on the Navada-Arizona border. It’s a huge and impressive structure now overshadowed by a new road bridge. The tour … Continue reading

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