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No one said it would be easy

Hoverflies are a rather daunting group of insects to get to grips with.  With 281 British species to learn you have to start somewhere. So far with 13 species recorded this year it’s not even 5% of those it’s possible … Continue reading

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Swallows Return

This week saw the return of our local swallows.  They were a bit later than normal but they came back to a wonderful bright evening; their beige tinted fronts turned to a warm brown in the low, late evening sunshine. … Continue reading

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Impatient for spring

There are still few signs of spring in the local area. Celandines are out in flower but the cloudy weather meant that most remained closed up, just a few hardy individuals braved opening.  On the arable field edge, left fallow this … Continue reading

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Prepared for winter

It was a beautiful sunny December morning but the icy north-westerly wind hinted that winter really had arrived.  The low sunlight picked out all the lumps and bumps in the fields, old field boundaries, terraces and trackways picked out in … Continue reading

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Tap on a nettle

The pleasant days of early September have revived a little of the feeling of summer; many insects are certainly enjoying the warmth.  One little moth was certainly to be seen in large numbers a few days ago.  The nettle-tap (Anthophila … Continue reading

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Spiders and Flies

At this time of year, on warm sunny days, meadows take on a feeling of laziness, epitomised by the slow flapping flight of meadow brown butterflies.  Ringlets also flutter slowly in and over the tall grasses while small skippers are … Continue reading

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Sunshine between the rain

It was a rare day of sunshine, warm and almost rainless and the insects were making the most of it.  Down by the river Pont the marsh marigold is over but the cuckoo flower is out in abundance, fed on … Continue reading

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