Turks and Caicos

From October 2010 to January 2011 we were living and undertaking voluntary work in the Turks and Caicos Islands.  We posted many entries during this time on numerous topics related to the islands.  We were based on Middle Caicos and there are posts about our work and visits to places on this island.  There are also subjects relating to North Caicos, Providenciales, Grand Turk, Salt Cay and East Caicos.  Some of the topics covered by our posts are given below:

Middle Caicos

Conch Bar Caves: 
Our first visit, crabs, crickets and a whip-scorpion.

Getting the caves ready for the visitor season.
Pygmy boa and monarch butterfly around the cave entrance.
A group visit to the caves and Wade’s Green.
Conch Bar and Indian caves.

Haulover Field Road:
Haulover Field Road
A return to undertake some work
A crab and a spider on the trail
Revisiting the Haulover Field Road.

North Caicos

Wade’s Green:
A first visit to Wade’s Green
A Group visit to the site

Readymoney Garden:
A tour of Readymoney Garden
Readymoney at New Year

Grand Turk

St Thomas’s Churchyard:
The Museum and finding out about the graveyard work
In the Graveyard – the start of our survey
Inside the church and more graveyard research
More findings in the graveyard and some wildlife too
Article in Times of the Islands (external link)

Salt Cay

A general view of the Island including wind pumps, salinas and wildlife

East Caicos

A visit to East Caicos


Cheshire Hall:
A visit looked back on after our return to the UK

Sapodilla Hill:
Rescuing stones from the Hill


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